TONY Goldsmith

Gomposer for Media


Tony Goldsmith - AKA Jakkalhead - is a media composer, songwriter and producer. 

As well as television and advertising he has been commissioned to write music for theatre, film, corporate video and art installations.

Tony has had a number of classical guitar pieces published and is regularly called to do arrangements for big band and orchestra.

Equally at home writing for electronica, classical ensembles,  folk bands and jazz groups, Tony’s music has been used extensively by international broadcasters including BBC and Sky.

He has worked with directors and music supervisors to create bespoke music to a brief and to deadline for documentaries, short films and drama.

Tony has a genuine love of TV and film music especially the themes from classic British TV series - so much so that he even has his own TV theme band.


Bespoke compositions for broadcast media

  1. Pop production

  2. Television

  3. Advertising

  4. Corporate video

  5. Games

  6. Film

  7. Production music